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Greetings Friends!

At the last session meeting it was decided that we should start up a temporary (perhaps), weekly newsletter to keep all of us informed of the activities and prayer concerns of this family. Our goal is to post this letter in email, and snail mail, to those who don’t receive email, on Mondays, through the duration. If there is anything that you would like to add feel free to send it to me via email:, or call me at 231-942-1249, and we’ll be sure to include what you share.

Good Neighbor Food Pantry

Our Good Neighbor Food Pantry has been very busy. We have distributed 59,659 pounds of food in the last 3 weeks!!!!

It all started on March 16. Chris Klein and Pastor Greg met with Michelle Reichart and Andrea Martin from the chamber of Commerce, along with Jennifer Pugh from Community Hope, to plan food distribution on a larger scale than we have already been doing. Cadillac Area /Missaukee County Area Foundation offered a grant of $25,000 for food distribution throughout the county. We are working with two other churches in the area: Rehoboth CRC in Lucas and Prosper CRC in Falmouth, to distribute food to those in need. At first, our church and parking lot were sorting central for the three pantries, but now, the truck from Feeding America drops off the food at all three sites to cut down on confusion. Hand sanitizer and masks are available for the workers.

At our site, all of the food distribution takes place outdoors in our parking lot. The food is sorted in the parking lot. Recipients drive up and register from their car. They take their turn in line and when their turn comes, they are asked to open their trunk and workers place the food, prebagged or boxed, in the trunk. Then the recipient closes the trunk and drives off. We continue to work out details, but that is the basic process. We do our advertising mostly through Facebook and the Missaukee Sentinel.

The first week that we distributed food we had one hundred cars come through our parking lot. Each week, the number is growing. At this last distribution, Good Friday, April 11, we had 150 cars go through our parking lot for food. Chris Klein reports, as of April 10: “We have distributed 59,659 pounds of food in the last 3 weeks!!!!” Also, during our Good Friday distribution, we were able to place a message about God’s love for them and a wish for a joyous Easter with the food.

It should also be noted that we have around twenty people from the community who are helping us. This includes Carol Clapper, the Pastor of the Assembly of God, and Brian Algie, from Calvary Baptist. The workers at Rogers have also been available with their forklift when needed. Others come from the Chamber of Commerce and still others are friends and neighbors who want to lend a hand.

We are grateful for this very practical way to offer help at this time and grateful for all those who have stepped up to serve. Please pray that we will all stay healthy at this time and that we will be allowed to continue to bless the community for as long as there is need.

Live Streaming Sermons

At 11:20 AM., Sunday morning, since March 22, sermons have been streamed live, on Facebook. The sermons are receiving around one hundred hits per week. The beauty of Facebook is that sermons can be shared and watched as a “was live,” event, for those who miss the original posting. For now, the posting consists of the sermon and a pastoral prayer. We have not included music for two reasons: music requires a live streaming license for any music created after 1924, because it is copyrighted, and also, the microphone on a cell phone is not very complimentary to music. If this is something that we might like to continue even after we begin meeting again, licensing and better equipment will solve these problems.

On Maundy Thursday, members of the pastor’s family, presented a family worship service, live. This service was well received and has also received more than one hundred hits to date.

Kathy and Pastor Greg also climbed Missaukee Mountain, on Saturday, April 11, the day that the skies were clear, to record a simple three minute message while the sun was rising, to deliver on Facebook, to Lake City and beyond, early Easter Morning.

Our Impromptu Easter Parade

At 10:00 am, Easter morning, 8 decorated cars, 2 from the community, lined up in our parking lot to have an Easter parade through town to celebrate the resurrection. First, we stood outside, next to our cars to sing one verse of that great Easter Hymn, “Christ The Lord Is Risen Today.” Unfortunately, Pastor and Kathy drew a blank on some of the words, but we all got the alleluias right.

Then, we drove through town. Pastor Greg led that way. Lee was at the back end of the parade with a cross affixed to his trailer and a banner that read, “Christ is risen! We went past Vicky Rosenberry to cheer her up. We went past the Vasiceks house. We drove past Teresa who got it all live streamed for us on Facebook. We wished the whole town of Lake City a “Happy Easter! He is risen!” It was a lot of fun! Celeste and Carolyn think we should make it a new annual tradition! That would be fun!

Prayers and Praises

Roger and Kathy Andrews are giving thanks for a new grand daughter! Marina Michelle Marvin. Born 3/23/2020. 5 lbs. 9 oz. May God bless!

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